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We welcome all modular Boss owners to enjoy our site, share their stories and passion about the modular Boss Mustang. With its 444 hp, the modular Boss is one of the most fun cars to take out on a road course. ModularBoss.com is here to try and give Boss owners the opportunity to drive their car the way it was meant to be driven.


Modular Boss Meet!- 2014

The third annual Modular Boss oriented track event will be held at Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, WV on September 21-22, 2014. The track event is limited to the first 75 paid participants. The event will include a car show, track event, and parade laps during lunch on Saturday only. You can sign up for the event by going here:

2014 Modular Boss Meet - Quick Links

Modular Boss Meet - overview Registration Form
Event Schedule
Hotel Information




Production Numbers

1. 2012 Boss 302

2. 2013 Boss 302

Technical Information

1. What's New For 2013

2. 2013 Boss Track Apps

Event Schedule

1. 2014 Boss 302 Meet

2. 2014 SVT Superfest

3. Full Throttle Fall Fest

Hotel Information

1. 2014 Boss 302 Meet

2. 2014 SVT Superfest

3. Full Throttle Fall Fest






ModularBoss.com Kick Off!- 2012
ModularBoss.com Staff |

Why another Boss 302 website? Well, why not? :) Everyone loves that 7500 rpm whine when you are going down the back stretch of Virginia International Raceway. So, we decided to share those experiences with other Boss owners and enthusiasts. You don't have to be a Boss owner to join in on the fun, all you have to do is just like or in most cases, love the car.

(Photo taken at Virginia International Raceway -- October 2012)


Modular Boss History! As time permits, we will host articles of the modular Boss Mustang from both the people inside the story and Ford. We will also host every possible bit of history we can accumulate. Stay tuned as we give you the inside scoop.



(Click photo for event videos)

Modular Boss Videos: We will be hosting videos on our site from both individuals and from professional entities. Submit your video for "video of the month" by e-mailing the youtube link along with a photo. Send your information to webmaster@modularboss.com


(Robbie Kiser's 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302 Mustang....read more.)

Modular Boss Feature Car of the Month: We will be hosting feature cars on our site from individuals only. Submit your story for "feature car of the month" by e-mailing pictures and a short story about your Boss. Send your information to webmaster@modularboss.com

Modular Boss Technical Information: Have you done something with your Boss that you'd like to share? Send us your tech article and we'll send you a free set of "ModularBoss.com" side window decals.


Latest News: We'll pass it along to you and if you have some news, you pass it along to us, deal? Submit your information to webmaster@modularboss.com






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